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ABV dues pay for the expenses of running the chorus, including our director’s salary,

performance expenses, musical arrangements, and BWC overhead costs. Dues do not cover all of our expenses, and additional income must be generated through concert income, grants, and donations.

Our 2023/2024 rehearsals will continue to be at TBZ so that we have more space to spread out and increased ventilation for the health and safety of our members. Renting the space at TBZ is an added expense that we must cover.

As always, we encourage membership in BWC and have lower rates for BWC members. We also recognize multiple members from a single family and offer a special young adult rate.

We understand that not everyone can afford the full rate, do not let cost be a barrier to

joining. If you can’t afford the listed dues, contact the chorus treasurer, Sarah Axelrod

(staxelrod@gmail.com or (617) 277-5612).

We also know that some can afford to make a donation beyond the full rate and we welcome all additional support. Please consider an additional donation if you can afford to contribute.

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